Family Celebration

There is something magical in the moment of a baby coming into the family. The new soul has decided to join the specific family. It could have chosen many others. But still decided to join the one. It is a beautiful moment of acceptance and exchange of love.

Our ancestors used to celebrate the important moments in life with the proper ceremony. It was done for the celebration, showing the respect, giving  proper attention and most importantly, for getting the blessings for the persons involved.

It was such a privilege for me to make a ceremony for welcoming the child in the sweet family, leaving in a Swiss countryside, close to the Zurich. Many family members gathered to welcome the child, share love and blessings with the child, parents and each other. It is very fulfilling and beautiful to be able to witness the occasion and facilitate the ceremony on such a loving occasion. Ceremonies are one of the most vigorous and sweet part of my work. Especially in such sweet circumstances.

I am sharing some impressions with you here (click on images).

With love,

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