There are parts of our reality that cannot be seen and experienced only with the ‘eye-vision’. Some parts that are far more tangible than we can imagine at first. This has always been my strong conviction. And I was endlessly curious and determined to test them. At first, by exploring different types of meditation. Experience gained through meditation has intrigued me to dive even deeper into my own journey.

I found myself on the Bhakti Yoga path. This is where I met my spiritual teacher. He introduced and guided me into the mantra meditation. And has endlessly encouraged me to go deeper and always discover more and more of who I truly was and where am I coming from. The pure connection to my heart. Exclusively. What an incredible experience.

After several years of intense practice, I found myself again before the wall of fear. The one I simply could not make through. The wall built of my shadows, ancestral background and the strong need to feel the ground under my feet, to find my place in the world I was still strongly belonging to.

I prayed and prayed for guidance and help. Exactly then, I crossed the path with the native, shamanic teachings and met an inspiring woman, who became my teacher. This got me in contact with genuine teachers and practitioners. And it has changed my life. Once more, I received valuable tools, to dive deeper and has set me on the path to becoming my true self.

Inputs to share the gathered knowledge further became stronger and stronger. To use meditations, healing techniques and ceremonies to assist others on their path to their own unique and yet universal truths became my guideline. This is the reason why you are reading these lines today…

‘A woman. Searcher, healer and accomplisher. In constant persuit of (re)discovering myself and the world.’