Whether you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, fears, insomnia… or simply wish to find your inner sacred space, mediation will always be beneficial.

I take my clients on guided meditations to connect with themselves and with that deep place within us. We are all unique individuals, so there are different forms of meditations which will attract and help each one of us. In this way, we will find particular firm of meditation which suits your special needs. But one thing is certain, we all can meditate and witness a very special experience!


Clearing ceremony

If you feel how the energy of your home is stuck and non-flowing, we will make a space clearing ceremony for you and your home with smudging with nature herbs, sounds and sacred mantras. This ceremony usually lasts between one and two hours (depending on the size of your home). We devote the time for each room and if needed to you and your family members. I use the burning herbs with cleansing effect. Additionally we add auspicious sounds, water and some other items if needed. Each space is very unique and specific and I adjust intuitively to the needs of your home.
With this ceremony, we move the old and welcome the new, fresh, loving and vibrating energy into our sacred living space.

Family/friends/circle of women ceremonies

There are different moments in our lives that ask for our full attention. In the modern world where we often run all day in order to fulfil our daily, weekly or monthly agenda. In this regard, many beautiful moments don’t receive the attention they would need in order to regain their full potential. This is why I love to make ceremonies. They are the way to celebrate with our dear ones, to welcome the new member of our family, to celebrate friendships, relationships, to invite blessings in our life, to bring positive energy to the start of a new project, inaugurate new apartment or office, to give our blessings to our friends, to share love and prosperity.

Ceremonies are beautiful way to celebrate life and invite the blessings to you and your dear ones!

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