coming back to yourself. By small, steady steps.

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Soul Retrieval?

Soul Retrieval is known in different native traditions. It means mending the lost parts of the soul back to its origin. To us. To the Self.

I trust that deepest healing is the one on the level of Self. When I say Self, I refer to that who we truly are once all the roles we play daily are removed. In the eastern traditions, they refer to is as Atma, the soul.

To heal Self is the first and the final healing at once. It is asking us to release what is not ours or is no longer serving us. And to reclaim those parts that have been taken away from us, as well as those we have given away in the moment of despair.

The truth is – no one can do anything with our energy. And we are not able to do anything with someone else’s energy.

This is the reason why it is so important to restore our full power and potential. And to clear ourselves from the energies that do not belong to us.

Once we are whole we can fully experience a relationship with each person that comes in our life. And we are able to perceive all around us and all that is inside of us.

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