What I do with love

Healing Treatments

Treatments I do are primarily based on ancient native healing techniques. Soul Retrieval treatment is such a vigorous experience of bringing you back to yourself. Its results can be felt physically and emotionally. Often resulting in a peaceful and clear state of the mind.


To take a break from a constant inside and outside noise became a necessity like eating and drinking. And as there are so many diets to choose, based on what is best for your health, there are also so many ways to meditate. You simply need to find the one that works for you.


Ceremonies, what a lovely way to start something new,  celebrate, make a clear ending with something, clear the energy of your important spaces. They are a beautiful way to celebrate life and give significance to important events in your life.


I am facilitating a few selected, guided workshops. They all have a goal to teach you how to connect more to yourself, to your inner child. And how to heal all that is stopping you from feeling this deep connection. I teach through seminars and workshops on how to balance different levels of our existence in everyday life (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) in order to live a happier and more honest life.

Munay-ki Rites

Munay-ki is the set of nine rites of native rituals. These consist of symbolic movements and ceremonies which intend to connect you with the Source. Ancient Shamans reveal that these nine rites are the true steps towards your own personal freedom. Once connected with these energies which are received through Munay-ki, you will feel how they move and harmonise everything inside of you and around you. They serve as protective shields against the outside negative energies.

Personal and group retreats

Do you need a little break from the everyday, stressful life? And you would like to join us for several days of yoga, healthy food, healing sessions and inspiring workshops, rejuvenating ceremonies, deeply relaxing meditations…?
I think I’ve heard a sigh and a yes. Do I hear well?