Berlin workshop

After the nice visit in Berlin in March earlier this year, I’ve got the invitation by the group of amazing women to make a weekend workshop and healing sessions during the summer time. We sat the dates for the beginning of August.

Last weekend, I flew from Zurich to Berlin. After a little walk and breakfast, I immediately started with the scheduled sessions. From the very first session I understood how I am privileged to be able to assist the group of amazing women in their healing process. Many of them shared with me the moments from their lives, their hopes, fears, impressions, realisations… It is always the very new experience for me to witness something moving after the sessions or after the workshops with others. To be able to witness something new and amazing happening with the person and being allowed to witness and assist.

On Saturday was the workshop day. We were the group of seven. In many traditions it is known as a very special number. It is known as the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth. This symbolism was very good applying within the group of such deep, curious, spiritual and sensitive women on our workshop. We shared the knowledge of shamanic practices and different tools for healing. We practiced the journeying to connect with our power animal, our ancestors and explored the world of our subconsciousness. All these tools are very powerful in terms of healing and self-healing. For me it is always important to share with others how in each of us there is the healing power. We are all able to heal ourselves and others. This is the gift we simply need to awaken inside of us. We had a really packed day with many techniques and practical mediations. I wish to have more time to make a women circle with the same group where we can have more time to practice the things we learned in the more relaxed circumstances.

I left Berlin very happy, with the full heart and very grateful to the whole group, my shamanic teacher for her guidance and inputs, to the Berlin angels that took such a good care of me. Especially the one who invited me in the first place and gave so much of her energy into organising the whole weekend. I love you my dear sister.


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