When ever there is a full or the new moon, I like make a ceremony in my home. Often together with my friends and clients. Small impressions from this full moon ceremony… For welcoming the spring also in our lives and hearts…
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Aho!

About this new moon in Aries:
“New Moon falls in Aries, a sign ruled by passionate Mars and associated with this very same quest to bravely develop ourselves as true individuals — to answer the call of our own singular, unique nature and its deeper desires.
In the course of our demanding lives, in the necessary compromises and challenges of our intimate and work relationships, we too often neglect this, yet it is an important responsibility we have to ourselves.
This Aries concept of personal integrity — wholeness — is a critical theme right now with the New Moon conjoined Venus, just past her own ‘New’ phase marked by the conjunction to the Sun only yesterday…”
This particular New Moon, coinciding with the midpoint of Venus’s reevaluation retrograde project on all matters of the heart, and preceding a Venus-ruled Libra Full Moon, the cosmic task over this next lunar month is to pay close attention to key relationship challenges and insights that come up.
Where do you most need to ‘shore up’ the self? strengthen your fortresses, and face where you have perhaps sacrificed too much autonomy and personal integrity in the quest for peace and harmony, love and partnership?
And conversely, where you are being too selfish and inconsiderate, not flexible enough, not available and supportive enough for the people you love? Aries and Libra are polar signs, and they challenge us to find a healthier balance in this crucial give-and-take dance. What direction does this Aries-Libra fulcrum point need to shift in your life?
Astrologer Isabel Hickey wrote, ‘From the universal standpoint, Aries is the first impulse of the life force into activity, the descent of the Divine Spark into manifestation. Wherever Aries is placed in your horoscope is where you, as Spirit, begin to operate.’…We all have the courage to face the dragons that rear up in our lives.”