Seminars / Workshops

By the authority of my shamanic teacher, I am facilitating guided workshops for connecting you with your power animal, guiding and teaching journey meditations and holding the sacred space. This is an authorised school of The Alchemist Path, school of ancient shamanic teachings. These teachings are compiled from different traditions brought to us from several bona fide and powerful teachers. They are combined to help and bring closer the ancient healing tools we can use for our own healing process and to facilitate this process for the others.

I offer seminars and workshops on how to balance different levels of our existence in everyday life. Together, we are working with healing of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. The goal is to first acknowledge our standing points and then to start the positive transformation in all these levels of our existence. We will learn to look honestly at ourselves and recognise the areas of the unconscious in our lives. In this way we will see how necessary it is to heal the wounded spaces and nurture our growth and personal development.

Life happens while we’re busy making plans. 

Personal and group Retreats

Need a break from the everyday stressful life? Have you ever thought of an alternative break away? I think I’ve heard a sigh and a yes. 😉 We are happy to introduce our days of yoga, healing sessions and inspiring workshops and rejuvenating ceremonies.

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